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A Prosperous Michigan

Making it easier to live and work in our state is a fundamental principle Ryan has strived to uphold during his first term representing the residents of the 39th District.

As Vice-Chair of the Regulatory Reform Committee, Ryan has fought to get rid of red tape and the bureaucracy of the regulatory framework that burdens Michigan families and small businesses.

Historic Auto Insurance Reform

Residents of the 39th District asked for reduced car insurance costs, and Ryan listened. Ryan fought to fix the rigged system that has forced the people of our state to pay the highest car insurance rates in the nation for too long. Now Michigan drivers will have real choices and guaranteed rate reductions, even if you decide to keep unlimited coverage.

Government Transparency and Accountability

Making state government accountable to the taxpayers that fund it has been a fundamental belief Ryan has always held. As a state Representative, he has continued this commitment to increase government transparency.

Public Safety

The health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the 39th District are of the utmost importance, and our district deserves a defender like Ryan.

Ryan has forged strong relationships with our community’s law enforcement officials, sponsored legislation to improve training for police officers, and fiercely advocated against efforts to defund the police.


Positioning future generations for success by providing them the best education possible has always been at the top of Ryan’s priority list. He has been a fierce advocate for the schools, teachers, and students of our community.

Ryan supported the largest investment for students in state history, fought for funding increases in early education programs, and sponsored legislation providing 1.3 billion to schools so that they have the resources to craft educational and safety standards for the coming school year as COVID-19 continues to impact the state.