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Public Safety

The health, safety, and welfare of Michigan residents is of the utmost importance, and our state deserves a defender like Ryan.

Ryan has an extensive background in law enforcement and has forged strong relationships with law enforcement officials across Michigan, sponsored legislation to improve funding and training for police officers, and fiercely advocated against efforts to “defund the police.”

As Michigan’s next attorney general, Ryan will support our law enforcement, protect our communities, and ensure that our constitution is upheld as written.

Government Transparency and Accountability

Ryan has always believed our state government should be accountable to the taxpayers that fund it. As Michigan’s next attorney general, Ryan will continue his efforts to build trust in government by advancing transparency, accountability, and integrity within the Department of Attorney General and all other levels of government.

A Prosperous Michigan

As a state representative, Ryan has championed reforms to make it easier to live, work, and raise a family in our state. Unfortunately, Attorney General Nessel has worked against these ideals. Her radical attempts to dictate state environmental policy and her involvement in abusive government overreach have contributed to our small businesses and economy being decimated.

As Michigan’s next attorney general, Ryan will enforce the law justly, rather than use the office to serve an ideological agenda, and he will combat abusive government overreach that has wreaked havoc on our communities.

Safeguarding Our Individual Liberties and Constitutional Rights

The attorney general’s first loyalty must be to our constitution and its system of checks and balances which is designed to protect our individual rights and liberties. As Michigan’s next attorney general, Ryan’s top priority will always be to defend our rights – especially freedom of speech, religion, the right to keep and bear arms, and privacy.

Consumer Protection

In the legislature, Ryan has worked to protect consumers and Michigan families. He is a leader in helping sexual assault survivors pursue justice, fighting to protect nursing home residents from dangerous government policies, and helping catastrophic auto-accident survivors keep their coverage to maintain the comfort and care they deserve.

As Michigan’s next attorney general, Ryan will continue his commitment to protecting consumers and Michigan families by combating fraud, protecting our most vulnerable, and stopping unscrupulous individuals or businesses that seek to take advantage of our residents.